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Your search returned the following results for products that either match, relate to, or
are possibly therapeutically equivalent to your search phrase "benylin-cold-and-flu-with-codeine".
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Branded Products
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Type Medication Name Strength QTY Price (USD) Buy Price
 Benylin All-in-One Cold and Flu Night Syrup270ml$29.00
 Benylin Cold and Sinus Caplets24$21.00
 Benylin Cold and Sinus Caplets48$27.00
 Benylin Cold and Sinus Rapid Gels20$21.00
 Benylin Cough and Chest Congestion with Warming Sensation250ml$27.00
 Benylin Cough and Cold with Warming Sensation250ml$27.00
 Benylin Cough and Phlegm Caplets24$25.00
 Benylin DM 12 Hour Night Time85ml$20.00
 Benylin DM Dry Cough Night Time for Children85ml$20.00
 Benylin DM Dry Cough Syrup for Children100ml$20.00
 Benylin DM Regular Strength Dry Cough100ml$20.00
 Benylin DM Regular Strength Dry Cough250ml$27.00
 Benylin DM Regular Strength Tickly Throat and Cough250ml$27.00
 Benylin DM-D Cough and Cold for Children100ml$20.00
 Benylin DM-E100ml$20.00
 Benylin DM-E250ml$27.00
 Benylin DM-E Extra Strength with Menthactin100ml$21.00
 Benylin DM-E Extra Strength with Menthactin$27.00
 Benylin E Extra Strength with Menthactin100ml$21.00
 Benylin E Extra Strength with Menthactin250ml$27.00
 Benylin Mucous and Phlegm Relief250ml$27.00
 Benylin Mucous and Phlegm Relief Cough Control250ml$27.00
 Benylin Vapour Plug and Refills1+5$25.00
 Benylin Vapour Plug Refills5$20.00
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