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Buy Hyalgan

Hyalgan is a naturally occurring substance that is helpful in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Also known as hyaluronate, patients must have a prescription in order to buy Hyalgan, and doses are normally administered by syringe by a healthcare professional. Used to help ease the pain associated with osteoarthritis, this product may be used in conjunction with other prescriptions and over the counter medications with the permission of a physician.

The function of Hyalgan is to decrease the pain within the knee joint that is commonly reported by osteoarthritis sufferers. This is accomplished by replenishing the supply of hyaluronate that is normally found in the fluids that naturally surround and lubricate the knee joints. As part of the process, the series of injections helps to incrementally reduce the incidence of irritation that is common with this type of arthritis. When administered properly, patients who receive a weekly injection of Hyalgan often report not only a decrease in pain but also an improved sense of mobility in the affected knee joint.

Typically, Hyalgan is administered by injection directly into the knee. The injections are usually administered by a trained healthcare professional. One injection per week over a period of five weeks is the normal course of treatment. Some patients report experiencing a significant amount of relief as soon as the third injection, with the effects lasting for up to six months before a second round of treatments is necessary. Both during and after the Hyalgan injections, patients may take over the counter pain medications as well as any prescription medications recommended by the attending physician.

While Hyalgan does provide significant relief from knee pain for many patients, there is the potential for side effects. Most commonly reported effects include gastrointestinal distress, including nausea, ongoing pain around the injection site, and more frequent headaches. There is also some potential for the development of a rash on and around the injection site. Should any of these side effects manifest, they should be reported to a doctor. In some cases, the side effects are mild enough to be treated with over the counter medication, allowing the injections to continue.

People who have any type of allergy to birds or feathers should avoid the use of Hyalgan. Anyone who has severe reactions to eggs and egg products or any type of poultry should also seek alternative treatments for the pain. Women who are pregnant or become pregnant during the Hyalgan treatments should advise the attending physician immediately. Mothers who are currently nursing children should consult a physician before choosing to undergo treatment with Hyalgan.

Before taking any type of over the counter products in an effort to manage pain from osteoarthritis, consult a physician to avoid interactions that could decrease the effectiveness of the Hyalgan injections. The medication is not recommended for use by children under the age of twelve without the consent of the attending physician. Should any type of increased pain, swelling, or irritation develop during the course of the Hyalgan injections, those issues should be reported immediately.

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