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Buy Synvisc


Synvisc, also known as hyaluronate, is used for the treatment of knee pain in patients with joint inflammation or osteoarthritis, who have not responded to other treatments including physical therapy. Buy Synvisc to act as a lubricant and enable the knee joint to move more smoothly so that pain is reduced.

How to use Synvisc

It is important to read all the information provided about Synvisc before use. A doctor should be consulted if the patient has any questions. Synvisc is usually administered by a doctor via an injection into the joint. The skin disinfectant used to prepare the site of the injection should not contain ammonium salts.

Before the medicine is injected, extra fluid might need to be removed from the joint by the doctor. Dosage will be based on the medical condition of the patient and the way the joint responds to the treatment. It is important to keep to any injection schedule prescribed by a doctor.

After the injection is received, patients should not engage in any activity that places stress on the knee for a 48 hour period.

Side effects of Synvisc

Synvisc should not be injected into an artery or vein due to increased side effects that may occur.

The knee may swell and pain may increase at first, after the injection is received. If this continues or gets worse, a doctor should be consulted.

Other side effects can include redness, bruising and warmth at the site of the injection or a headache. The patient should speak to a doctor if any of these get worse or continue for an extended period.

If more serious side effects occur, which include back pain, fast or pounding heartbeat, severe headache, tingling skin or fever, a doctor should be consulted immediately. It is rare to have an allergic reaction that is very serious, but medical help should be sought straight away if symptoms such as a rash, swelling of the face, throat or tongue, breathing difficulty or severe dizziness occur.

Precautions before you buy Synvisc

If the patient is allergic to bird products, which include feathers, poultry or eggs, or has any other allergies, it is important to seek advice from a doctor before this product is used. Also if the leg is infected or swollen, the doctor should be informed.

Synvisc should only be administered by a doctor or other qualified health care provider and is only intended for injection into the knee. Synvisc has not been tested for use with joints other than the knee.

The patient's doctor should be notified if pregnancy is suspected or the patient is breastfeeding. The doctor should also be notified of any other drugs that are being taken and of any changes the patient plans to make to any drugs that are taken.

Before use, the doctor should be informed of the patient's medical history and in particular any leg circulation problems, infections of the knee joint, skin or other problems around the site of the injection.

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