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Buy Tears Naturale II


Tears Naturale II is a brand of lubricant eye drops designed to sooth and moisturize dry eyes, like natural tears. Unlike some other brands, rather than harsh preservatives Tears Naturale II contains Polyquad. Polyquad is a gentle preservative that doctors recognize as suitable for use by a patient with sensitive eyes.

Adequate tear production is important to ensure the eye stays healthy, comfortable and is able to fight infections. Artificial tears may be needed if the eye is unable to produce enough tears to maintain these functions properly.

How to Use

When the patient buys Tears Naturale II, they should read all of the information supplied with the product and consult their doctor or pharmacist if they are unsure about anything. The solution might have changed color or be cloudy and if this is the case, it should not be used. Contact lenses should be removed before using Tears Naturale II.

The drops should be inserted into the eye after first washing the hands. The patient should be particularly careful not to touch the tip of the bottle to any other area as this can cause contamination to the contents and compromise the sterility of the product, which in turn could cause eye infection. When the drops have been applied, the patient may wish to close their eyes and roll them around to spread the drops evenly.

The patient should wait for a minimum of five minutes before applying any other kind of eye medication such as other drops or ointment to the eyes. If eye ointments are being used, these should be applied after eye drops.

If Tears Naturale II drops are used for three days and the condition they are treating has worsened or persists, a doctor should be consulted.

Side Effects

It is possible that the use of Tears Natural II will cause vision to blur temporarily. It is also possible that the patient might feel some stinging, burning or irritation for a short period of time. If the patient feels these sensations for more than a few days, a doctor or pharmacist should be consulted.

If any eye pain or continuing redness to the eye, irritation or change in vision is experienced, the patient should also seek medical attention.

A serious allergic reaction to Tears Naturale II is rare. However, if the signs of an allergic reaction are experienced, medical attention should be sought urgently. The signs to watch out for are a feeling of extreme dizziness, difficulty in breathing, a rash, a feeling of itchiness or swelling, particularly of the throat, tongue and face.

If the patient should notice any other symptoms that concern them, they should consult their doctor or pharmacist without delay.


It could be dangerous to drive after using Tears Naturale II if vision is impaired. Similarly care should be taken with any other activity that requires vision to be clear. Tears Naturale II may be harmful if it is swallowed.

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