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Buy Lantus

What is Lantus?

Anyone looking to buy lantus should know what it is, the effect it has on the body and any side effects or risks that can be involved while taking it.  Lantus is synthetic insulin used to treat patients who are suffering from diabetes mellitus, otherwise known a sugar diabetes.  As each person is different, with different dietary needs and exercise routines, the lantus insulin replacement treatment will vary from patient to patient.

What is it Used For?

It helps to control the blood sugar levels within the body and also helps to prevent any of the long term problems usually associated with diabetes sufferers.  Lantus is usually administered via an injection and most patients can inject themselves as needed.  Each injection lasts for around eight hours.  The injection itself takes effect on the body within around 30 minutes to one hour after it has been administered.

Side Effects

There are several side effects known to be caused by lantus.  Each person is different and some may not suffer from any adverse reactions at all.  Some of the more common reactions include skin pitting, or thickening.  This is caused when the injection is given too often in the same area.  To avoid this it is wise to inject into several different parts of the body and not in the same place every time.  Sometimes patients can have an allergic reaction to the active ingredients within the medication so at the first sign of anything out of the ordinary it is advisable to contact the doctor as the medication may not be suitable.  Hyperglycaemia or low blood sugar levels can sometimes occur in those taking this medication and it is a good idea to monitor blood sugar levels regularly so that any changes can be noticed immediately.


A doctor will advise dosage amounts as each person will have individual needs.

Drug Reactions

Sometimes medications can have adverse effects on each other if being taken in combination. Some medications can cause an increase or decrease in blood sugar levels and if being taken at the same time as lantus then the dosage may have to be adjusted.  These medications include orally administered diabetes medications, anabolic steroids including testosterone, ACE inhibitors, certain antidepressants and alcohol.  Hydrocortisone, diuretics and growth hormones can also have an adverse effect on lantus active ingredients.  Smoking can also be a factor in the amount of insulin absorbed into the body and smoking habits must be discussed with the doctor.


Avoid alcohol wherever possible.  If, however, alcohol is consumed it is best in moderation and accompanied by food.  Alcohol masks the signs of the need for insulin, so this will reduce the risk of not taking the insulin at the right time.

Other Names for Lantus

Lantus is known under several different names depending on the country in which it is being sold.  If you wish to buy lantus you may need to ask for one of the following, Actrapid Insulin, Humalog Mix 25, Insuman Comb or Ultratard.  Your pharmacist will know if the item you require is under another name in a particular country.

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