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Quetiapine Usage Instructions

Patients are advised to follow the doctor prescribed dosage and usage instructions to have best effect of the medication. This medication should never be taken in larger amounts or longer than recommended. This is to avoid serious side effects of the medication. The following usage instructions should be kept in mind while taking Quetiapine:

  • Seroquel must be taken by mouth as directed by the doctor.
  • This drug is usually started at a low dose and is gradually increased over the period of time under the supervision of their doctor.
  • Seroquel tablets should be swallowed whole. It should not be break, crushed or chewed.
  • Seroquel can be taken with or without food.
  • Patients must not suddenly stop taking Seroquel or change its dosage on their own.

Seroquel Dosage

Quetiapine dosage depends upon the patient’s age, medical conditions, severity of the problem and the condition for which it is being prescribed. Quetiapine dosages for different problems are discussed below:

Schizophrenia – Initial prescribed dose of Seroquel is 25 mg of tablet taken twice in a day. It can be increased to 300-400 mg in a day if required.

Depression – Starting prescribed dosage of Quetiapine for the treatment of major depression is 50 mg of tablet once in a day. This dose can be increased to 150 mg after two days.

Bipolar Disorder – Initial Seroquel dose for bipolar disorder is 50 mg tablet taken twice in a day. This can be increased to 400 mg in a day.

Missed and Overdose of Seroquel

If a dose has been missed, patients can take it as soon as they remember. If it is time for the next dose, then they should skip the missed dose and continue with the regular dosing schedule. Doubling the dose is not recommended.

Overdose of the drug can cause adverse effects on the health. Thus, anyone who has taken the overdose of the drug should be provided with the immediate medical attention. Some of the symptoms of overdose include fast heart rate, dizziness or feeling drowsy.

Quetiapine Storage

It is important to properly store Quetiapine in order to maintain its efficacy and quality. The ideal temperature for storing this drug is 20°C to 25°C. The drug should be kept away from light and moisture and should be inaccessible to pets and children.